Forthcoming book: European Yearbook on Human Rights 2021

The European Yearbook on Human Rights is shedding light on current human rights topics of concern and the most pressing issues that impair human rights protection, the rule of law and democracy in Europe and beyond. Large parts of 2020 have been marked by an unprecedented global health crisis with economic, social and humanitarian dimensions that resulted in a severe human rights impact.

The 2021 edition is therefore focused to the impact the global pandemic had on human rights protection in Europe. The book brings together renowned scholars, emerging voices and practitioners. Split into parts devoted to recent developments in the European Union, the Council of Europe and the OSCE as well as through reports from the field, the contributions engage with some of the most important fundamental rights issues and developments in Europe. The volume raises awareness of the complexities of human rights protection in the European context, especially during a pandemic, and stimulates debate and further research in the field in order to ensure that future responses to crises not only pay respect to human rights, but are rooted in them.

On November 15, the European Yearbook on Human Rights 2021 will be available by Intersentia.