Forthcoming book: International Survey of Family Law 2021

Founded in 1973, the International Society of Family Law (ISFL) is an independent, international, and non-political scholarly association dedicated to the study, research and discussion of family law and related disciplines. The Society’s membership currently includes professors, lecturers, scholars, teachers, and researchers from more than 50 different countries, offering a unique opportunity for networking within a truly international family law community. Its regular world conferences and comparative publications have established it as a truly international forum for family law and policy discussion.

The International Survey of Family Law is the ISFL’s annual review of developments in family law across the world, generally covering well over 20 jurisdictions from all continents. Each article is written in English and accompanied by a French language abstract. From 2018, the Survey has been published annually by Intersentia.

On September 28, the International Survey of Family Law 2021will be available. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition of the Survey traces developments from around the world, brought about through international, national and local bodies. The chapters analyse civil and common law systems, as well as decisions of the United Nations and the European Union courts. Some chapters focus on the beginnings of families, including marriage, adoption and assisted reproduction, while others deal with their dissolution or the effects (and after effects) of aging. Once again, our authors include emerging scholars as well as highly regarded academics, judges and practitioners.