The DXB Project was mentioned during the 10th meeting of the Committee on public documents and garnered interest by the Member States

The 10th Committee meeting on Public Documents was held on 10 June 2021. The meeting of the Commission Expert Group on Regulation 2016/1191 was held online. Among the various issues on the agenda, the discussion focused on the use of multilingual standard forms for certified copies of public documents, the possible factsheet about electronic public documents on the e-Justice Portal and the recent developments of IMI.

The COM then mentioned the DXB Project as an important moment of reflection on the Regulation 2016/1191 that can facilitate its knowledge and dissemination. Furthermore – we read in the minutes of the meeting – all Member States expressed their interest in a presentation on the outcome of the DXB project.
The COM suggested that we present some preliminary results of the Project around November 2021 to the COM Ad Hoc Regulation Committee. The Project was mentioned and garnered interest by the Member States. See minutes of the last meeting here.