The lists of country-specific entry headings pursuant to Article 24 (2) of Regulation 2016/1191 are now available

In accordance with Article 24 (2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/1191, on 23 August 2021 the lists of country-specific entry headings received from the Member States of the European Union was finally published. The document, published in the Official Journal of the European Union (no. C 339, 23 August 2021), is therefore now available.

The document reports – in its official language or languages ​​- the country-specific entry headings to be included in the multilingual forms relating to birth, a person being alive, death, marriage (including capacity to marry and marital status) and, where applicable, registered partnership (including capacity to enter into a registered partnership and registered partnership status), domicile and/or residence and absence of a criminal record. This tool contains very useful information to really facilitate the circulation of public documents and the use of the multilingual forms. In fact, it is only thanks to the precise exchange of information on the terms, definitions and specificities of the civil status system of each Member State that it becomes possible to fully implement the Regulation.

See the official document here.